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Cómo gestionar y elaborar un plan anual de comunicación interna

Optimiza y consigue tus objetivos de comunicación interna este 2021

360º Internal Communication

Responsible internal communication schedules conversations from a comprehensive plan. Its model is constant dialogue to build coordinated messages with key areas.

Business culture

It includes the signs of identity, leadership, the way of managing and behaving. Strong cultures share values, are dynamic, and are open to leading change and lifelong learning.

Comunicación interna e innovación

Digital Culture

This post points out the conclusions of a study conducted by Microsoft (2018) on the impact of digital culture on employee productivity.

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Motivación en el trabajo


About Maslow's theory, motivation and the 5 levels of needs a collaborator expects to satisfy through their work.

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Dirección de personas

Innovative culture

This post explains what innovative culture consists of and deals with the 8 commitments assumed by companies committed to innovation, a basic pillar for the competitiveness of any organization.

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Work teams

Innovative organizations are horizontal and work in teams, open to collaboration and constant learning. It is essential that teams are aligned with the business strategy.

Equipo de trabajo eficaz

The effective team

"Make it clear that you are all on the same team. Avoid practices that suggest some are on the first team and others are in high school." Paul S George of the University of Florida.

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OKR System

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal setting system used by Google and major brands. Its pillars are a collaborative culture, OKR leadership and transparent communication.

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