How to manage and develop an Annual Internal Communication Plan

Do you want to launch an internal digital communication project?

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What is the course about?

The pandemic has put the importance of good internal communication planning and management at the top of the agenda for all types of organizations.  Thanks to technology, digital internal communication helped during confinement to strengthen digital communities and to bring people and teams together. 

However, when the crisis broke out, the challenge of communication could not be addressed by many businesses because in most cases, they lacked an internal communication manager.

What is the course like?

The course shows you step by step how to create a plan from scratch. Through 5 modules you will be able to see through Carolina's history, very practical examples on how to analyze, organize and execute internal communication in your company.

Course suitable for you:

  • If you don't already have your plan for 2021
  • If you need to improve, order and organize the communication in your company 
  • If you plan to launch new digital projects
  • If you want to optimize your current plan.

Target group

  • CEOS Business
  • Directors of HR, Communication, Marketing
  • Quality, strategy, technology and innovation managers
  • People related to the responsibility to communicate. 
  • Profesionales interesados en el tema.

Objectives of the training

  • Know. Understand the why of internal communication management and planning.
  • Know how. Learn how to design an annual internal communication plan appropriate to each organization or business.
  • Knowing how to be. Know the keys to effectively manage projects and internal communication activities

Course Resources

  • More than 20 lessons with interactive images
  • Gamma activities 20
  • Challenges 8
  • Summaries and concept maps
  • Templates and check list
  • Guidelines for action
  • And much more

What you will learn

  • Make a step-by-step internal communication plan
  • Identify the keys to effective internal communication
  • Document yourself well to make a good diagnosis
  • Organize communication according to our objectives.
  • Create an audience map.
  • Choose the right communication channels.
  • Building appropriate messages.
  • Choose the best strategies.
  • Establish indicators to measure its impact.
  • Knowing the good practices and trends in internal communication.


  • Focus on collaboration management to strengthen your internal company brand. 
  • You will learn how to develop and manage your annual internal communication plan effectively.
  • Know how to implement with the 4 key phases: research, plan design, execution and evaluation.

1ª Convocatoria

25 de Febrero al 18 de Marzo

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2ª Convocatoria

8 de Abril al 29 de Abril

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Your study plan in 5 steps

How to manage internal communication and plan internal communication

Module 1 Improve your internal communication management

Episode 1: The strongest signing

  • People at the center of communication
  • Digital conversations in times of confinement
  • Internal 360º communication as an integrating model
  • The process of effective communication 
  • Review of communication plans and background
  • Review the 5 aspects that will condition the effectiveness of your plan
  • The 4 phases that your plan will follow
  • Challenge 1

Module 2 Analyzes and knows the internal and external reality of the business 

Episode 2: Cristina's Check List

  • The analysis of the internal reality
  • The analysis of the business context
  • The analysis of the business context
  • The audience map
  • Challenge 2

Module 3 Create the plan, prioritize projects and schedule 

Episode 3: The CEO's rush to approve the plan

  • The objectives and the new shared vision
  • The communication policy
  • Digital Channels and Collaborative Platforms
  • Audiences and key messages
  • Challenges 3, 4 and 5 

Módulo 4

  • El calendario y los proyectos básicos
  • Tu aliados: Los líderes y la red de colaboradores internos
  • Reto 4, 5 y 6

Módulo 5 Evalúa y mide todo lo que hagas

Episodio 5: El balance y los bueno momentos

  • La evaluación: ¿Qué es y cuándo?
  • The Indicators and metrics in internal communication
  • The Barriers to internal collaboration and how to resolve them
  • Reto 7 y 8

Step 5 Learn and update with good practices and trends

Episodio 5 El aprendizaje desde las buenas prácticas

  • Barriers to internal collaboration
  • Examples of good practices and successful projects
  • Trends in internal communication
  • Challenges 7 and 8

Additional Challenges and Resources

  • CHALLENGE 1; GET CEO support and create a CI Committee
  • CHALLENGE 2: Observe and analyze the internal and external reality of your business
  • CHALLENGE 3: MOBILIZE and communicate your objectives
  • CHALLENGE 5: Nominate the best
  • CHALLENGE 6: INNOVATION in internal communication
  • CHALLENGE 7: COMMUNICATE and pgta to your
  • CHALLENGE 8: Audit your internal communication plan

Final project: Design your annual CI plan

  • IC Plan Template
  • Schedule Template
  • ppt template IQ Plan



  • Understanding the business context
  • The analysis of the internal reality
  • The identity and context of the business
  • The audience map
  • Challenge: Add people to your plan