We are expert consultants in Internal Communication and OKR

We design OKR System pilot projects with customized internal communication programs 

Personalized webinars and didactic material. We focus on:

  • Purpose, objectives and collaborative culture
  • OKR leadership and agile teams
  • Responsible Communication Policy and Plan

We promote collaboration and agility

What do we do?

Training projects with agendas adapted to your challenges COVID

We start with a diagnosis and the objectives of your business. Webinars and online courses on our platform. Depending on your team profile we choose the learning method: challenge, project or collaborative.

We elaborate all the didactic material for your courses

Case studies, with personalized episodes according to your challenges. Guides, E-books and Dictionaries. Mind Maps and Collaborative whiteboards: Padlet and Miro. Templates, Check list and more.

Consulting and training coaching to lead change and transformation

Personalized action plan to improve performance in your job.

Accompanying with individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions to achieve your OKR goals.

How do we do it?

Own methodology

  • alidamos tus objetivos de equipo o negocio
  • portamos un diagnóstico formativo
  • anzamos el proyecto con agile y design thinking
  • ptimizamos métricas para que consigas resultados
  • evisamos tus logros con sesiones coaching y mentoring

We design and execute OKR system and internal communication pilot projects

After diagnosing your barriers, we design the training project.

  1. We identify your priorities
  2. We formulate OKR objectives 
  3. We start the training: pills, workshops and/or courses
  4. Customized action plan, metrics and optimization
  5. We accompany you with coaching and mentoring sessions

Do you need advice? Do you want to advance in collaboration?

We help you to define your challenge and the agenda of the course