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General and Customized. Each of these has different levels: beginner, advanced and expert.

The general courses are suitable for all audiences and organizations.

The personalized is a learning that adapts to the needs and interests of students and companies.

On the landing page there is a PDF you can download. You will be able to see the curriculum, modules and content. If you want more information you can write to

This way you will be able to see if the contents are adapted to your needs.

Aprenderás haciendo

El contenido de las lecciones contiene imágenes interactivas, mapas conceptuales.

Al final de cada módulo hay un resumen en pdf que puedes descargar

La parte práctica de cada curso se trabaja con plantillas para que las adaptes a tus necesidades, tendrás retos(ejercicios y acciones)  y un proyecto final para el que te facilitamos una plantilla.

  • From our website and from the general courses tab you must select the course you want to take and pay for it.
  • Fill in the billing information, access to the course and make the payment by credit/debit card.

You will receive the email with which you have subscribed 3 messages:  (check your Spam folder)

  • Invoice data
  •  Password for access
  •  Welcome message where we explain the process of the course 

Finally, you start the course

You will always have access with all the annual updates.

You can contact them through the virtual campus. You will be able to ask all the questions you need through a ticket system.

The Virtual Campus has a chat or forum, where all students enrolled in the same course, can be in contact, to interact.

The course has two options:

Funny. In this case you just have to do the activities and games. At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.

Academic In this case you will have to take a test. Upon passing it you will receive a diploma of achievement.

In the case of not being satisfied with your qualification you can complain to your teachers or to the training center, resorting to a review of it.